Superior Profit
In the Long run, anything can happen (and we are all almost surely dead in the long run).

In the Short term, there are some signs of caution on SENSEX chart as seen from CUE Clean Chart Template (Clean Chart removes the clutter and help us see more!).

Every time SENSEX came to this level, there was a Bear Release (down arrow) Signal and it dropped. The same Bear Release Signal is there today (SENSEX chart as of about midday, 21st Dec).

Sensex CC 2017-12-21_1-44-50.jpg 

Will it drop? Get more confirmation from Industry Breadth. If Industry Breadth is turning negative, that is more Industries are going down than up, then it is more likely that SENSEX will drop from here.

At least enough to take a Low-Risk Short Term Trade using Options or Futures. It may also help you protect profit in profitable positions.

Especially if the Stocks belong to Industries that are declining.

Where is the Market Breadth Information? Here it is (as of ~ midday, 21st Dec). Market Breadth is trending down in recent days. Number of Up Industries is declining. Number of Down Industries is increasing.

India Market Breadth 2017-12-21_2-22-52.jpg 

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