Dear Investor/Trader,

We have made some new enhancements to our site that you would surely like. Here are they:

1) In the Economic Event page, you can now see the key events of ALL MAJOR countries of the world. And you may customize the view to select what you want to see, which time zone you want to use, whether you want to see Weekly or Daily View, which type of events (most important, moderately important etc.) you want to view etc. Also, the events' results are updated in real time.

2) In the Broad Market page, other than immediate Last Week's analysis, we now include detail Commentary on the Composite NASDAQ and NYSE Indices. 

3) In the Sector Industry Analysis page, you can now download the latest week's analysis as a spreadsheet by clicking a link. Previously this download was being provided from the Community forum. Now that the download is easily accessible from the Sector Industry page, the Community forum for Sector Industry download will be discontinued.

We hope you will find these enhancements useful and that these add to your investing and trading decision-making accuracy, speed, and consequent success.

Thanks for your support.

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