Superior Profit

The daily chart has a GWF Short setup as of 10:10 AM EST. In the intraday Fine Tune chart, the price is below Early Low. An early trade entry opportunity for a bearish trade on technical charts.

You may look up the industry and fundamental detail using CUE Vital/Edge real-time tools.

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Superior Profit
Yesterday I added to my FB bearish position based on the post in the forum.

I had taken an initial position in FB based on my twitter post of 31st Oct. Part of that initial position was exited with high up to 70%+ profit. And I replenished my position yesterday while I shared the above post in the forum.

As I added to my existing position, my average price became higher.

And on that higher average price, the profit has hit 100% today 9th Nov as of 2:20 PM.

Enough to start to consider booking profit and get investment money back and let profit run with house money.

FB Profit 2018-11-09_14-19-12.jpg 
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