Superior Profit


All the snapshots are taken ~1:45 PM EST. Numbering in the text below follows the marking on the snapshots.

Trend following buying opportunity in a healthcare stock.

CUE Charts Technical Analysis

1) Weekly Backdrop candle color is cyan (bullish) and the candle shape is also bullish.
2) Daily Flow candle color is cyan (bullish) and the candle shape is also bullish.
3) Movement indicators are green, bullish.
4) Swing is showing that the stock is in an uptrend with higher-high and higher-low.
5) Price is supported by Memory trendline support and there is no Memory trendline resistance. That also shows that the stock is in an uptrend. Your stop would be narrow, just below the Memory support.
6) Initial target is the Upper Boundary which is resulting in attractive reward-risk-ratio (>1).

The above meets all the unambiguous checklist conditions for the Go With Flow trend following long trade setup.

CUE Edge Industry Rotation Analysis

7) The industry score is improving relative to past review periods.
8) It is Accelerating at the same time.

CUE Vital Stock Fundamental and Peer Analysis

9) The stock has an optimal valuation.
10) Latest quarterly earnings growth improved (turned green from yellow in the previous quarter).
11) Pays a small dividend yield of 2.2%.
12) Next earning is due on 19th Feb. If you are taking a swing long trade now, you may consider booking profit before the earning date.
13) The stock has robust earning quality. 

mdt chart 2019-02-06_13-46-36.jpg 
mdt edge 2019-02-06_13-44-43.jpg  mdt vital.jpg 
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Superior Profit
(1) Six trading days ago, on Feb 6, MDT signaled a CUE Go With Flow trend following long trade setup.

(2) Today, 14th Feb, MDT has hit the initial profit target of Upper Boundary, and you would book profit with discipline.

You could buy the MDT Mar 89 Call at 1.76, which has reached 3.1 today, which is a profit of 76% using options.

MDT exit 2019-02-14_11-05-14.png 

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Superior Profit
MDT had reached 100% profit last week. I had already booked some profit at ~76% as I mentioned above.

Today, after earnings, MDT gapped up at open and the MDT March 89 Call reached almost 200% profit on the remaining position.

The expiry is in Mar. Still far away. One might book some more profit at 200% or roll up probably. One may also just hold the remaining position as the investment money was already back in the bank.

MDT Gap Up After earnings 2019-02-19_10-46-09.jpg 
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