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I had mentioned this stock on Twitter on 30th Jan. That time, the trade setup was not confirmed by the market close. Here is a follow up on that same stock.

All the snapshots are taken ~2:15 PM EST. Numbering in the text below follows the marking on the pictures.

A) CUE Charts Technical Analysis

Weekly Backdrop chart template.

1) Weekly displayed a bearish Headwind signal this week. A bearish Headwind had come at the same price level earlier that could lead to a significant price drop. Some more selling may be left at this Headwind price level.
2) Price tried to go above Watermark resistance and failed, creating a false upside breakout. This is bearish.
3) Weekly Backdrop candle color is neutral (yellow) and shape is bearish.

Daily Entry chart template.

4) Price displayed a Bear release signal.
5) Band-stretch shows the same Bear release signal. Price was overbought (Stretched) before and now bulls stopped pushing price higher.
6) Daily Flow candle color is red (bearish), and the candle shape is also bearish.
7) It has Extreme Bearish Pressure, the price is falling with high force.
8) There is a Memory trendline support and you may wait to see if that is broken before considering a short trade.

B) CUE Edge Industry Rotation Analysis

9) The industry is weak, shown by magenta color score under 5-days column.

C) CUE Vital Stock Fundamental and Peer Analysis

10) The stock is overvalued.
11) Last yearly earnings growth is negative.

D) CUE 360° analysis outcome

The stock $BBD is looking tired at the very top. Long position holders may book or protect profit. Short traders may add it to watchlist and get ready to short.

chart at a glance.jpg  Edge.jpg  Vital.jpg 
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