Superior Profit
CUE top-down analysis finds this stock that may be ready to go up.

FCX. In the strongest sector of today and in the strongest industry within that sector.

Medium valuation with robust earnings growth. FCX has solid earnings quality and a short squeeze potential. 

FCX has the uncommon occurrence of three bullish Headwind possible reversal signals in the weekly chart and the daily candle is turning bullish (green/cyan) at multi-bottom (at Watermark support). It had high Activity in recent days that did not lead to a price collapse, showing possible exhaustion of bears.

FCX is very near 52 week low. Making it a low-risk and potentially very attractive reward-risk trade idea.

There are many ways to take a position in FCX including buying the stock, selling puts, or, using the synthetic Jeffrey long stock, named after one of the well-known traders who use this strategy as stock-replacement strategy.

fcx chart 2018-12-19_10-02-38.jpg  fcx industry 2018-12-19_10-01-31.jpg  FCX Sector 2018-12-19_10-00-42.jpg  fcx vital 2018-12-19_10-03-06.jpg  fcx with options 2018-12-19_9-55-49.jpg 
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Superior Profit
FCX does not seem to be confirming the GWF setup by close as the daily is not green or cyan any more as of 3 PM EST. CUE traders would stand aside and avoid taking any long as there is no valid trade setup.

In this way, CUE traders may anticipate a trade but not trigger the entry until the checklist conditions are met.

FCX stand aside 2018-12-19_15-06-32.jpg 
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