Sagar Nandi
CUE Edge and CUE Vital are powerful Real-Time Sector-Industry-Fundamental-Peer Analysis tools. These may take considerable processing power if you are running these during Market Hours when the data keeps on updating every moment.

You may use the following settings to reduce processing need while not affecting the power of CUE Edge and CUE Vital.

Technique A) Pause the updates using the built-in Pause button in CUE Edge and Vital. When you are ready to refresh data, you simply click the Play button.

CUE Edge Pause and Play.jpg  CUE Vital Pause and Play.jpg 

Technique B) Update the refresh frequency in Thomson Reuters for Excel. Set the refresh frequency to 5-10 minutes, or as per your preference.

Refresh Frequency.jpg    
For setting the refresh frequency, as shown in the image above, (1) Click on "Thomson Reuters" menu, (2) Click "Settings", (3) Click on "Data Retrieval" and then choose "Function" from left bar, (4) Uncheck "Streaming", and (5) Set "Refresh Frequency" to "10 Minutes", (6) "Apply" the changes, and (7) Restart Thomson Reuters EIKON for Microsoft Excel for the changes to take effect.

Note also that sometimes EIKON may reset the "refresh frequency" setting. If it does so, which you will notice from Excel slowing down, you may set it again. The reason why EIKON resets it sometimes for some users is not known. However, this does not happen every time. So it is probably not going to affect your market analysis workflow and speed.

Which of the above two techniques to prefer? Technique B works best for most traders as they don't have to press the "Pause All Updates" button. However, you may keep both techniques handy.
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