Superior Profit
The Materials sector is strong and this stock is going up from the bottom.

I found it from CUE Sonar scan in CUE Elite. It could be found from CUE Global scan as well.

AK Steel Technical:


1. Backdrop bullish.


2. High Activity.
3. Pendulum price extreme changed from red to yellow.
4. Bullish Pressure Extreme.
5. Swing is bullish.
6. Traffic candle bullish color and shape and breaking above Watermark pivot resistance.


Optimal valuation (cyan valuation) and positive recent quarter earnings growth.


Edge color changing to cyan; bullish.
AKS Sonar 2019-01-29_13-32-14.jpg 
AKS Chart 2019-01-29_13-21-47.jpg  AKS Edge 2019-01-29_13-29-39.jpg AKS Vital 2019-01-29_13-28-04.jpg 
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Superior Profit
By the end of the day, AKS pulled back a bit. The daily candle shape is not bullish and that does not meet the Go With Flow setup's unambiguous checklist.

CUE approach would be to avoid entering at the close of the day and wait for tomorrow to see if there is a low-risk entry using intraday chart.

Here is the chart at the end of the day.

AKS EoD Chart 2019-01-29_16-13-13.jpg 
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