Superior Profit University Class 
Batch 1 Session 4 completed on 1st June 2016
Dear Trader, Investor,

Long Term Investing. Checked.
Swing Trading. Checked.

And on 1st June we covered Day Trading and Precision Entry of Swing Trade and Long Term Investing in great detail.

2 hours total. 

No presentation.

No canned video.

Charts after charts of real trades. Many that could be taken. Many more that were actually taken. Exploring the technical entry point/reasoning. Understanding the psychology at play. Reaffirming the discipline of booking profit or cut loss short if need be.

We recapped all aspects of Long Term Investment and Swing Trades.

We covered Fine Tune and Power Tune Templates in depth covering Day Trade and Precision Entry of Long Term Investment / Swing Trades. Going over Early Range Breakout mechanism. Examining Stretch Release entry mechanism. Stop Loss setting. And profit booking points.

We also saw how in a day (as a Day Trader) one Superior Profit trader made a well planned / probably most precise entry possible Futures Short Trade using Dow Jones Futures. Booked profit on partial position and put Profit Protect Stop on rest. And overall made good profit.

And then went to to risk some part of "profit already made" to take an Weekly Options Day Trade on QQQ. That trade did stop out with small loss.

The sizing and discipline ensured that the traders captured overall quite reasonable profit with low risk. All the charts that were used to explain this series of trades are attached here (with sequence number - so you may follow the trades evolution). Those who did not attend may or may not get the full picture from these attached trade snaps. These are not substitute for attending the class. These are meant to be refresher for those who attended the class. 

Next class will look into how Superior Profit traders may use EIKON/Metstock Xenith. And much more.

We are loving the University Classes and are pouring our heart into them. Let us know what you think by writing to us at We would appreciate that.

We look forward to you all joining our next session on 1st June 2016. You may register here:

We have not announced the date / time yet. As the Superior Profit Trader/Investor (yours truly) may be traveling to Asia from US, we are waiting to check the schedule. We will announce the date/time soon.

See you in the next class [smile]

Sagar Click image for larger version - Name: Futures_Trade_1_-_SP500_-_2016-05-31_23-32-58.jpg, Views: 2, Size: 1.01 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Futures_Trade_2_-_Nasdaq_-_2016-05-31_23-33-15.jpg, Views: 1, Size: 1.05 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Futures_Trade_3_-_Dow_Jones_-_2016-05-31_23-32-32.jpg, Views: 2, Size: 1.02 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Futures_Trade_4_-_Dow_Jones_-_2016-06-01_1-25-35.jpg, Views: 2, Size: 495.88 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Futures_Trade_5_-_2016-06-01_15-02-41.jpg, Views: 2, Size: 833.75 KB Click image for larger version - Name: QQQ_Trade_1_-_2016-06-01_13-10-53.jpg, Views: 2, Size: 528.11 KB Click image for larger version - Name: QQQ_Trade_2_-_2016-06-01_13-58-16.jpg, Views: 1, Size: 857.88 KB Click image for larger version - Name: QQQ_Trade_3_-_2016-06-01_14-18-55.jpg, Views: 1, Size: 781.99 KB
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