Superior Profit University Class 
Batch 1 Session 3 completed on 28th May 2016
Dear Trader, Investor,

Continuing on our philosophy of providing a Complete Trading System along with Complete Education, we concluded our 3rd session today that ran for more than 1.5 hours.

We covered Pendulum Template - a template for Long Term Investors to time the market effectively - while steering away from catching a falling knife.

We also covered Decision Template - a template that can be used for Catching Top / Bottom of a Stock using Double Top/Bottom at Quarterly or Yearly Pivot; Stretch Release and Heavy activity. We noted that this is a "fast" signal and is better used with other signals in combination. Advantage of Stretch Release (sometimes improvised) entry is that Stop Loss tend to be extremely narrow. Allowing us to have good Reward Risk Ratio.

We saw numerous examples where Pendulum Template made us aware of a Stock at very low level and then Decision Template (Stretch Release etc.) allowing us to enter the trade at a precise point.

We also saw how we could use Hop On to enter stocks emerging from Pendulum Low - thought that would be slightly later than a Stretch Release entry (or a Headwind entry if that set up also came around same time).

We emphasized the wisdom of having Stop using CUE Protection signal - again using live charts. We saw how Protection signal effectively protects a trade from being whipsawed and yet keeps the Stop Loss level narrow. 

As usual, we had zero use of slides. We used only live charts. And looked at past actual trades taken as well as potential trades. Many of them.

We concluded the class by looking at five stocks in five different industries using multiple CUE Charts (At A Glance etc.) to see what information we could get from there. In doing that, we used all the signals we learn in the three sessions so far.

One of the five stocks was General Electric (GE). For your information, the At A Glance chart is attached here. You may - using your learning so far - see what information you can glean from here.

GE - CUE At A Glance - 2016-05-29_0-50-17.png 

We are encouraged by the students comments and attendance in all our sessions for this first batch of students in Superior Profit University.

We look forward to you all joining our next session on 1st June 2016. You may register here:

See you in the next class [smile]


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