Superior Profit University Class
Batch 1 Session 2 completed on 24th May 2016
Dear Trader, Investor,

Our first session was during the weekend on 21st May. 

We completed our second interactive class on 24th May - recapping Hop On Template in detail. And then covering Hop Off Template. Which together let us both Enter and Exit trades. Swing Trades and Long Term Investments.

We looked at several examples on Stocks and Stock Options from real trades posted either in Community or Blog and saw how Hop On and Hop Off could be used and was indeed used in those trades.

We also looked at some chart set up that I found by running Sonar before the class today. And saw why a Superior Profit Trader and Investor would not mind looking into them.

We ended the session by taking some stocks and looking at them through Hop On and see what we would do with them. Two questions were in our mind. (A) Is it Bearish, Bullish or Neutral and (B) Would we take a Long Trade, Short Trade or Stand Aside.

Some of the participants came forward and analysed the stocks just as any experienced Superior Profit Trader would look at them. This is the nice part in our view. The mostly unambiguous signals: green/red/yellow colors, lines going up or down and the CUE Templates and Superior Profit Rule Book combining them together means all of us tend to interpret the charts in exactly same - unambiguous way. Which makes decision making easier. And we don’t have to squint our eyes.

BTW, if a Superior Profit trader ever finds himself or herself squinting at a chart to decide what to do, we say "Stand Aside". Move on to next chart or another day.

We saw some actionable stock examples where within literally few seconds (yes - not even minutes !) participants could tell whether they would like to go Long or Short with the stock. With today’s CUE Charts - deciding on the right edge. And everyone was unanimous in their Long call on the actionable stocks (Mylan for example) we shared.

Again, that is the kind of unambiguity and ease of use that we try to get from CUE charts and rules.

And improvisation comes next … we saw several examples of that too (Lending Club, Apple etc.).

We look forward to see you all soon in next class. You may look out or Follow or Like the Superior Profit Facebook page for the next class date/time.

Superior Profit Team.

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