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Note: You may Contact Us if you would like us to help with the installation using remote computer connect. We will be happy to help with that.

STEP 1: Subscriber Log In and Download of CUE Systems

This topic describes how you can (a) view all your active CUE Systems subscriptions, (b) download the latest releases and also (c) log in for accessing CUE Scorecards.

1) You may log in to our site and view all your active subscriptions and download by logging in using this Client Login link. You will need username and password for logging in.

Superior Profit Login Page.png 

1.1) Superior Profit welcome mail that you received had your login id and password. Your email id is your login id. If you forgot your password, you might click on the "Lost your password?" link below the login option to reset your password.

1.2) You may select the "Remember Me" option so that you don't have to log in every time you visit the site.

1.3) If a profile page is displayed after login, click on Superior Profit at the top left corner to go to the Superior Profit homepage. You can also navigate to the Superior Profit homepage by following this link.  

Superior Profit Site Profile Page.png 

2) Once you have logged in, you will see the download page. If you don't see the download page automatically, click this link to go to the download page. The download page will display your active subscriptions and downloads.

Client Download Page.png 
2.1) Once you have logged in the site, at any time, you may revisit this CUE Systems Download page following this link. Revisiting Client Login menu option will also take you to the same download page.

2.1) For all CUE Systems: You may download the latest versions from the download page. Product-specific installation instructions are available on the Install page.

On the Download page, you may also set the Account Number(s) (hardware id or login id as appropriate for respective CUE Products) so that you have access to the systems on those ids.

If you have any query, feel free to Contact Us any time. We are here for you.

Thanks for your support.

Superior Profit Team.


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