Sagar Nandi
Dear Investor/Trader,

We are happy to announce enhanced versions of Edge and Vital. Here are the key changes.

CUE Edge

A1) Earlier, the Sector and/or Industries were using a Ranking to identify the strength and weakness of the Sectors/Industries. Now that has been changed to a Scoring system. That is, in the latest version a larger number means stronger Sector/Industry. 

We made this change to be in sync with Stock's Scoring in Vital Statistics. That used to have (and still have) scores where a larger number indicates stronger Stock for both Valuation and Growth.

With this change, the sorting of items across the spectrum can be done in ascending order to get the weaker items at the top.

Magenta continues to represent weakness and Cyan represents strength - as was in the earlier version.

CUE Vital

B1) The "Performance" panel and tabs now contain the Breadth information in the header row. This shows, out of displayed Stocks, how many went up and how many went down (first and second number respectively) on the current date.

B2) The Vital Statistics tab and panels have been reorganized to keep Valuation Scores first. Then Growth Scores. Followed by other information. This reorganization will help in focusing on the most important factors quickly.

B3) Traders often like to check out the Stocks on CUE Technical Charts after they have shortlisted them from Vital Analysis tab. Earlier, traders tended to type one symbol at a time on CUE Global.

To simplify and speed up this process, we have added a control (Copy control) in the Vital Analysis tab. 

After removing the Stocks that you don't need, you may simply click this button.

And then go to CUE Global and in Metastock's Power Console Chart tab paste the symbols and open the charts with the CUE Hop On Advanced Template.

Once the charts are open, you may use Ctrl-Tab to rotate through them.

If any chart seems interesting, you may apply the CUE At A Glance Template to investigate further to see if any of the CUE Unambiguous Checklists are being met.

CUE Vital and CUE Edge

C1) The Heat-Map coloring has been made more consistent so that traders can respond even more intuitively and faster. 

Any item that is a "score" has a color-coding-scheme of Cyan-Magenta-Yellow. This is true for Sector/Industry as well as Stock.

Any item that is "raw data" like Dividend Yield % etc., has a color-coding-scheme of Green-Red-Yellow.

C2) The "5 Days" period is of primary importance in CUE Way to decide strength/weakness etc. of a Sector or Industry or Stock. To highlight this, the "5 Days" period header row has been colored in a different shade to catch attention quickly. This change has been made in all the tabs and panels.

We are confident you would love these enhancements as we do.

Thanks again for your support.

Superior Profit Team.
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