Superior Profit
AKS Steel.

Snapshots as of 28th Dec ~12 PM EST.

There is no CUE Trade Setup as of today.

Yet, there are enough of visible reasons to be careful about any Long Position one may be holding.

AKS has gained substantially from its bottom of Nov 2017. It went up as the Steel Industry went up.

As of this week, it filled the huge Gap that was created on 31st Oct.

Now, it has hit Memory Resistance in both Weekly Backdrop and Daily Hop On Charts.

AKS AAG 2017-12-28_11-44-43.jpg 

And the Industry has weakened at the same time. Steel Industry decelerating at fast Pace in recent time.

AKS Edge 2017-12-28_11-50-41.jpg 
In terms of Vital Fundamentals, there are reasons to be cautious as well.

AKS Vital 2017-12-28_11-53-34.jpg 

At minimum, Long Position Holders may consider use CUE Protection price to set Protect Profit Stop.

AKS HOFF 2017-12-28_11-48-46.jpg 
If the Industry continues to weaken, traders may look for suitable Short Opportunity in this or other Steel Stocks.


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I had taken a cautious approach on AKS on my holdings. 

As of today, 2nd Jan 2 PM EST, Steel Industry gained and AKS went up and broke the Memory Resistance.

The Protect Profit Stop was not hit. Now, CUE Protection Level might be used for trailing stop and let profit run in any Long Position in AKS.

AKS CL 2018-01-02_14-22-23.jpg 
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