Sagar Nandi
We have added significant enhancements to CUE Edge that you will find extremely useful.

This is being sent to current subscribers by email and will be available from the download page after a few days.

Once you receive the email, you may simply download the attachment and start using this release.
Some of the key changes are:
1) To speed up Top-Down drill down from Sector to Industry to Stocks, CUE Edge caches data the first time you open CUE Edge. This first time opening and synching up of data with Thomson Reuters EIKON usually takes 2 minutes. Depending on network speed and connectivity to Thomson Reuters EIKON that may vary. 
Once the first time caching is done, all the drill-down operations are almost instantaneous and super-fast compared to the last version of CUE Edge (which used to reach out to Thomson Reuters for each drill down from Industry to Stocks).
2) The entire 2000+ liquid Stocks list loaded and its Scorecard is calculated during the first time caching process. And the Sector and Industry Scorecard and Heat-Map are also calculated at the same time. This is why the initial cashing and calculation takes a few minutes. 
3) As the entire Stocks Scorecard is available instantly, you may carry out a Top-Down Analysis. AND also carry out multi-dimensional analysis on the Scorecard directly without starting from Sector or Industry.

That also means you do not need a separate subscription to CUE Scorecard. CUE Edge now has everything that CUE Scorecard and CUE Edge together had in earlier versions and much more!
4) CUE Scorecard was providing analysis of USA Stocks only. It was not having information on ADRs like MT, BP etc. This enhanced CUE Edge includes ADRs as well. The 2000+ Stocks are selected based on price and liquidity; roughly based on Stocks that are priced USD 3 or above and with average 300,000 or more shares traded per day.
5) Once you open CUE Edge, synch up the data, you may click the "Broadcast" icon on DASHBOARD tab. This will propagate the data in Sector, Industry, and Stock tabs. After that, you may sort/filter/delete/drill down on those tabs.
6) DASHBOARD panel shows best performing and worst performing Stocks by % change and % change and Pressure combinations. This data lists the Stocks that are moving today. You may click the Analyze button (magnifying glass) to do a Peer Analysis (which is displayed in Stock tab) as well as check the Stock's Sector and Industry Scores and Heat-Maps in respective tabs, all with a single click.
7) The same Analyze Stock using the magnifying glass button is available in the Stock tab. If you have heard about a stock, you may filter that stock in the Stock tab. And then use the magnifying glass to do a peer analysis as well as look up its Sector and Industry strengths with a single click.
8) The Sector and Industry Scores are calculated by Superior Profit formula. That means even if Thomson Reuters is late in providing or updating Sector or Industry data (which happened in the past due to their server issues), CUE Edge will continue to calculate Sector-Industry Scorecards. 

9) We believe that Superior Profit calculations of Sector and Industry Scorecards are more sensitive than data that was provided by S&P or Thomson Reuters. Therefore, for selecting Swing Trade opportunities, you can use the 5 Days as well as 1 Day periods for Sector and Industry analysis. We had demonstrated it in the last Market Roundup video.
10) The Vital panel in the Stock tab now has three additional columns for Price % Change over 1 Day, 2 Days and 5 Days. This makes it easier to quickly see the biggest gainers and losers when you drill down from industry to Stocks or work with the complete list in the Stock panel.
11) The Performance panel in the Stock tab now has three additional columns showing Pace over 1 Day, 2 Days and 5 Days for the stock. You may find it more useful for a larger list of Stocks, gaining insight on Accelerating and Decelerating Stocks by easy-sorting by double-clicking on the columns.
12) You can sort any column in Sector, Industry, and Stock tabs by double-clicking the column header. Double-clicking it once again will reverse the sort order.
13) The ordering of the panels in the Stock tab has been changed to make the most used panels easier to access.
14) Coloring has been changed to make it more soothing to eyes and consistent across the entire tool as well as across other CUE Tools like Vital (a matching Vital enhanced version will be released soon).

Thanks for your continued support. 

Feel free to contact us if we can be of any help. We are here for you.

Superior Profit Team.

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