Dear Investor/Trader,

We have updated the release and you may download it from the Client Download Page.

If you had already installed CUE Global before, you may replace older components for a clean install by following the steps in this article.

Changes include:

1) A new Weekly CUE Line Chart Template.

2) Memory Lines that update in Real Time (in addition to the ones that were updating at end of day; named with the suffix "Wait Mode"). They often overlap. Sometimes, the difference is visible in subtle color changes in the trend lines (like dark green and red instead of green and red). As a trader, you continue to use them as before and do not need to be concerned with this change. There is no change or additional rule to use these enhanced Memory Lines.

3) Sometimes, Memory Lines were compressing the price axis. To see the chart now clearly, we have added the capability to delete individual Memory Lines. So that deleting the "far" ones expands the chart while still keeping the "near" Memory Lines in the chart. Such selective removal of Memory Lines is available in CUE Advanced Hop On Template (which is also the CUE Default Template) and CUE Clean Chart Template.

4) CUE Hop Off Template is enhanced with a more developed CUE Protection Signal. CUE Protection now has two slightly different levels. Sometimes one moves faster than the other in tracking price change. This can be useful in certain situations and more detail on this is discussed in the Weekly Market Roundup session. You continue to use CUE Protection as before. There is no change in its use.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us.

Trade Profitably!


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