Dear Investor/Trader,

Today, 11th April 2017, we formally launched our powerful CUE Trading System on TradeStation® platform.

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You may see comparison of

CUE Global for Metastock
CUE Elite for TradeStation®

in the Store page.

CUE Elite uses the full power of the underlying platform.

CUE Elite Charts

The charts are crisp and crystal clear in terms of color and sharpness; that is second to none. And the charts' price axis automatically expands or contracts to fit in the viewing period. This adds to ease of using CUE Technical Analysis.

Last, as well as Closing price, are shown at the top. Which may be different as Stocks prices move in pre or post regular Market trading sessions. In addition, % and $ change from Last Day's Close is also displayed.

Sector and Industry information of the Stock is also readily shown on the chart.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) data is shown on the CUE Charts along with color-coded information whether EPS increased or reduced from last quarter.

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Hop On Template.jpg 
CUE Elite Toolbar and Hotkeys

We have provided a toolbar where you can access everything you need as an active trader. It takes only a second or two to get to where you want. And on top of that, we have created life-simplifying-hot-keys to get there even faster.

CUE Elie for TradeStation - Tool Bar and Hot Keys.jpg   
CUE Elite Real Time Dashboard

Ever wanted to have a dashboard that goes through hundreds of stocks or other instruments of your choice and do calculations in milliseconds to show you what the Market as a whole or the instruments individually are telling you? In an unambiguous way?

Then CUE Elite is for you. It not only provides crystal clear analysis in color-coded easy to follow way. But also "floats" up potential trading opportunities to the top of the dashboard. You don't even need to scroll the page to look for them.

The dashboard also helps instantly to see the state of Market as well as which Industry/Sectors are weak and strong.

For active trader, life could not get better - isn't it? You "drop" your symbol list. And let Dashboard show you what is going on. In Real-Time.

Note: This dashboard below was based on the member stocks of S&P500.

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Dashboard.jpg 
Traditional Scans, But Faster

If you did not want to use the CUE Elite dashboard, and instead, wanted to run scans in the old-fashioned way, then also CUE Elite performs at super speed. Here, you don't have to run scans twice (once on Weekly and once on Daily Interval) to find the standard Superior Profit Trade Setups (Go With Flow, Headwind, Bounce, and Box). You just say what you want to scan. And the CUE Elite goes through multiple steps (on Weekly and Daily in these cases, as appropriate) to scan for the trades you are looking for.

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Scans.jpg    

Custom Symbol Lists

We have pre-packaged a number of custom symbol lists that you may use. And of course, you may add/update these or create your own lists.

CUE Elie for TradeStation - Custom Symbol Lists.jpg 
Desktops and Workspaces

Talking about easy workflow in trading? We have provided three ready-made desktops. Each of the Desktops has few workspaces so that you don't need to worry about the platform. You may instead focus on your trades.

One is for analyzing your instruments (we call it Microscope).

Second desktop is for finding trade opportunities in seconds using CUE Elite Dashboard as well as Scans (we call it Sonar).

And the third one is for placing your trades after looking at the bid/ask price levels if you want that or from order bar. You may also see your Open Positions and PnL from this Trade desktop. 

CUE Elie for TradeStation -Placing Order.jpg   
Active vs. Inactive Memory Support Resistance

We implemented all these in CUE Elite while preserving and even enhancing the power of CUE Trading System as you might have known from CUE Global.

For example, now you can see the historical Memory Lines on CUE Clean Chart Template. And they are conveniently grayed out. So that your eye catches the currently active Memory Support Resistance Lines faster. It's all about speed for an active trader.

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Clean Chart Template.jpg 
Option Trading

For Option traders, the CUE Option Trading Template now comes based on actual Option Chain Data. Showing you where the Options are expensive and where they are cheap. Helping you to choose between Option Selling Strategies or Option Buying Strategies. This valuable information is provided in the CUE Dashboard as well!

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Option Trade Template.jpg 
Day Trading using Fine Tune Template's Crisp Intraday Pivots

The pivots are auto-drawn and are crisp. Helping you focus on the moment. And take trade at the right time. At the right price. On the chart itself, if you prefer, using Chart Trading. Or using the bid-ask view of Trading Profitably desktop that we provided.

CUE Elite for TradeStation - Fine Tune Template.jpg 

And More ...

These are some of the ways we used the power of the underlying platform. There are many more features you will love. Fast chart refresh in Real-Time. Trading from the chart itself etc.

Once you use CUE Elite, if you are an active trader, we are pretty sure you will fall in love with it. As other active traders have.

If you have any query, as always, feel free to Contact Us. We are here for you.

And if you have made up your mind, you may visit our Store to get your own CUE Elite.

Trade Profitably!

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