Dear Traders/Investors,

In my experience, those who share ideas with others and receive ideas from others tend to be more disciplined, which is an essential aspect of successful trading.

If you are using the CUE systems and would like to share your CUE analysis with others and learn and trade together, then I would like to invite you to join the CUE USA Trader club.

There is no joining fee for the club at this time.

Only thing I require is that you become an active participant in the group, whatever be your CUE expertise level or general trading and investing experience.

If you would like to join this club, please email me at Those who have already emailed me, do not need to email again. I have you all in the record already.

Those who are not active participants may be dropped from the group in the future so that active members do not feel that there are free riders in the group. At the same time, if you are inactive for a while in the group for vacation or other reasons, simply send a message in the group telling that you will be absent for a period. It is aimed to be a friend and interactive group where we also come to know each other a bit more through our sharing irrespective where we are and what is our background.

This club is for you all to use and grow.

From my side, I will continue to share stock analysis in the "Sagar's 360° Stock Analysis" category in the forum.

Also, from time to time I may conduct interactive webinars or web-meetings for the CUE USA traders club members only.

I look forward to seeing you all (CUE system users in the USA market) in this newly formed CUE USA Traders Club.

If you wish to join the CUE USA Traders Club as an active member (and you are using CUE systems), please register to the CUE Forum (that is open to the public) with your email id and validate the email id so that the Forum recognizes you as a registered user. And please send me the email that you used to join the forum
That will allow me to identify your record in the forum and then add you to the CUE USA Traders Club.
Thank you for your support.

Trade profitably.

Sagar Nandi.
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