Superior Profit
A Google Search shows that  Indian banks are paying a Fixed Deposit Interest Rate % varying between 4% to 6.5% depending on criteria.

It makes sense therefore, to look for Stocks with Strong Valuation (relative to Peers) that are giving Dividend Yield % Higher than at least 4%. Here are these thirteen Stocks.

Indian Stocks with High Div Yield Perc 2018-01-04_15-29-14.jpg 

Which of these have Strong Relative Valuation Score? Seven. Two in Energy. Three in Financials. And one each in Materials and Utilities Sectors.

Chennai Petroleum Corporation LtdOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
Indian Oil Corpn LtdOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
Pnb Gilts LtdInvestment Banking & Brokerage
Power Finance Corporation LtdSpecialized Finance
Rural Electrification Corp LtdSpecialized Finance
Vedanta LtdDiversified Metals & Mining
NHPC LtdRenewable Electricity

Indian Stocks with High Div Yield Perc High Score 2018-01-04_15-29-14.jpg    

If they give Low-Risk Buy Signals then these may be traded/invested as Dividend Play after further analysis on the Stocks' Business and their respective Industries' Rotation/Strength.

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