Superior Profit
Maruti (MRTI.NS) sells the maximum number of passenger cars in India.

I noticed it from Index Drill Down. 

Nifty India Index is in the green as of midday. Only Consumer Cyclicals was red. I drilled down to finally reach Maruti as the main cause of this decline in Consumer Cyclicals.

Then I looked up the CUE Charts to see if there is any Investment/Trading Signal. There was none. It was probably time to put Stop in existing Long Positions. 

Fundamental Analysis using CUE Vial showed that it was not time to buy this Overvalued Stock for investment.

Industry Analysis using Edge Scorecard and Heat-Map also does not give any Buy or Sell indication from Industry perspective.

Here are the series of snapshots that lead to the final conclusion to simply stand aside in this case.

Index Drill Down 1 2018-01-03_1-17-55.jpg  Index Drill Down 2  2018-01-03_1-18-53.jpg  Index Drill Down 4 2018-01-03_1-19-58.jpg  Index Drill Down 5 2018-01-03_1-20-16.jpg  MRTI 2018-01-03_1-20-28.jpg  MRTI BK 2018-01-03_1-02-07.jpg  MRTI HO 2018-01-03_1-02-30.jpg  MRTI HOFF 2018-01-03_1-03-06.jpg  MRTI Vital 2018-01-03_1-45-58.jpg 
MRTI Edge 2018-01-03_2-07-27.jpg 
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