Superior Profit
How you could take an extreme reversal trade in CVS with confidence and profit from it.

In the market roundup of 30th June, I had suggested of a possible Bounce Long setup in CVS based on 360 analysis. Here is the video link.

As of today 9th July, 10:30 AM EST, that CVS Long trade has hit profit target: entry was on the day marked 1. Today, labeled as 2 on the chart, CVS has given more than risk taken in the trade and swing traders may book profit.

Another last reversal trade executed with discipline, entered when unambiguous checklist conditions of Bounce setup were met. Exited at the preplanned price level.

You may watch the video to find detail analysis on CVS that lead CUE traders to buy CVS while it was at a very low price.

CVS Chart 2018-07-09_10-33-11.jpg 
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