Superior Profit
HABT has a low-risk breakout trade possible long setup today.

CUE Edge Dashboard: It everyday shows best performers against multiple categories. Two Restaurant Stocks came under "Best Performing Value Stocks" category. One is DRI and the other is HABT. DRI's Growth is stronger than HABT (that I checked from CUE Vital Fundamental Vital Comparison of Peer Stocks). However HABT has better Valuation Score and it has Short Squeeze potential (DRI does not have that). In terms of charts, both are strong. DRI had a large gap up move. I would not buy it at today's Close. On the other hand, HABT also went up by 7.1%. I would be fine to say that it has a low-risk Breakout trade long setup today.

HABT Daily using Pivot and Trendline Resistance Lines: The Breakout cleared all resistances with High Volume and Relative Performance is very strong.

habt chart.jpg 
Industry of HABT is also strong (cyan, cousin of green, is good).

habt industry.jpg 
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