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We had a webinar today where we wanted a build Routines for Swing Trading Stocks.

Near the end of the webinar, we were looking for Stocks that are

1) Technically at Value (Pendulum Low) and starting to go up.
2) Technically not Overbought yet (between Boundary Lines)
3) Stocks giving a potential Low-Risk Buy Point (Swing Long Trade setup).

We could use the CUE Sonars to achieve that:

Sonar Scans.jpg 

We ran it on a large number of Stocks having 1632 Stocks in it (Liquid Optionable Stocks in the USA Market). That gave us only a handful of Stocks. We could check them out using CUE Charts for Technical Buy-Point and then use CUE Vital to ensure Optimal Valuation regarding Fundamentals. Plus showing Earings (EPS) Growth in recent quarters.

After these steps, we are left with two Stocks. One in Gold Mining and another in Trucking Industry.

Here are the CUE charts and CUE Vital Scorecards of the two Stocks.

The CUE Routine gave us exactly what we were looking for: Stocks at Value and starting to go up using Technicals. And also Stocks that are Fundamentally Optimally Valued and showing Earnings Growth in recent quarters.

CUE Traders will also use CUE Scorecards or Real-Time CUE Edge to ensure that the Industries of these two Stocks are Bullish before placing a trade. That would complete the CUE 360 Analysis.
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