Superior Profit

How did I notice it today? It came in the CUE Edge Insight under the category "Best Performing Optimally Valued Stocks 28-Jan 09:58:09" in real-time CUE Edge.

I had discussed it in the weekly market roundup and explained how it was a value buy opportunity on 18th Jan (using Short Put Verticals) as a trend following Go With Flow long setup trade just before earnings. The recording is available in the Superior Profit YouTube channel.

The stock was/is of optimal valuation (valuation score is cyan in CUE Vital). And the industry was/is strong (industry score is in cyan in CUE Edge).

Today, on Monday, the price is starting to go up from the yellow Direction line.

It may give a buying opportunity with the stop below last day's low (the low of the Gap Up day). 

Now earning uncertainty is over, and one might take a long position using stock or Call options, among other possibilities.

The technical CUE charts are marked as below:

1) Bullish Headwind reversal in weekly.

2) Bullish Extreme Pressure in weekly.

3) Bullish Stretch Release in weekly.

These were saying that the stock was going up after a large drop.

(4) Daily bullish Headwind reversal signal.

(5) Bullish Extreme Pressure in daily.

(6) Bullish Reversal in daily.

(7) Bullish Stretch Release in daily.

These were saying that the stock is going to give a CUE trade setup soon.

(8) That trade setup (trend following setup) came on the cyan color daily candle - that was before earnings.

(9) Today, the price is going up again after finding support in the daily yellow Direction line. On real-time Fine Tune chart (not attached here) WDC found support on intraday pivot as well.

WDC in INSIGHT 2019-01-28_10-04-31.jpg WDC Edge 2019-01-28_10-05-39.jpg WDC Vital 2019-01-28_10-05-24.jpg 
WDC Chart 2019-01-28_10-04-02.jpg 
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