Sagar Nandi
Note: The latest release of CUE Global with these enhancements are available on the latest version of Metastock i.e. XVI. This enhanced release of CUE Global is not available on older Metastock versions.

CUE Global: These are the key enhancements:

1) The major enhancement is in the Sonar program (explorer in Metastock). From 30+ sonars, we have now gone to 42 sonars. You can mix and match them to find the exact trade setup you are looking for. You may watch this market roundup video to see how you could use them.

CUE Explorers 2018-08-27_15-09-25.jpg

2) Built-in CUE templates have been expanded and names changed to make it easier to use. 

CUE templates 2018-08-27_15-12-27.jpg 

3) Built-in CUE Experts have been expanded renamed to make it easier to use.

CUE experts 2018-08-27_15-18-08.jpg 

4) NOTE: You may clean up your existing CUE system before install so that only the latest components are available on the computer. This article explains how to remove older version CUE Global components from your computer.

5) The install steps for CUE Global can be found from this page on our site. 

6) The download is available for subscribers through login on Superior Profit website.

Thanks for your support.

Superior Profit Team.
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