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Note: The latest release of CUE Elite with these enhancements are available on the latest version of Tradestation i.e. 10. This enhanced release of CUE Global is not available on older Tradestation versions.

CUE Elite: These are the key enhancements:

1) The Sonar Dashboard (radar) default templates have been enhanced in a way that complex searching can be done using the columns sorting (sorting is done by double-clicking the headers). This is done to match the flexibility of CUE Global in mixing and matching sonar programs, in real time.

CUE Radar 2018-08-27_15-28-56.jpg 

You may watch this market roundup to see how the Sonar Dashboard can be used to find the exact stock that you want to trade.

How to combine Bottom-Up & Top-Down Analysis - Weekly Market Roundup 18th Aug 2018

2) The built-in chart templates (study groups) have been expanded and renamed and hot-keys mapped to each of them. 

CUE study groups charts 2018-08-27_15-34-22.jpg 

3) The hot-keys for the chart as well as radar templates are in this article.

4) Before installing this CUE Elite version, you may remove components of the older version of CUE Elite. The steps for that are available in this article.

5) The install steps for CUE Elite can be found from this page on our site. 

6) The download is available for subscribers through login on Superior Profit website.

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