Sagar Nandi
On this happy holiday of 4th of July, 2018, I am pleased to release a new version of CUE Vital.

A link for downloading the file has been sent to CUE Vital subscribers.

0) In this version, all the enterable cells are in the green-dotted background. All status fields are in the golden yellow background.

1) We have eliminated the Vital tab.

2) INPUT tab is used to enter the "Root Stock", as before. Once you select the "Peer Relationship", you may click the "Get Peers" button to retrieve peers.

3) We have added a "Mode" selection which can be "Auto" or "Manual".

3a) In "Auto" mode, once the peers are retrieved, it triggers the Vital Statistics calculation automatically. This single click mode speeds up analysis as you don't need to use the "Calculator" button.

3b) The "Manual" mode is there for cases where you want to either alter the retrieved peer list using the B column green cells. Or, in the instances where you don't want a root-stock at all. You may want to, for example, put a list of stocks you regularly track in the B column green cells. In this case, you will use the Calculator button to calculate Vital Statistics AFTER you have manually entered/edited the symbol list in column B.

4) Some traders make a Vital file with S&P500 Stocks, with IBD 50 Stocks, their High Growth Stocks Watchlist, etc. and save it with a different name suffix. That way, every time they open the file, they can see the Vital Statistics of their stock list without needing to enter it every time.

I am sure you will find these changes useful.

We continue to strive to enhance tools that simplify and not complicate life for traders.

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,

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