Sagar Nandi
Dear Investor/Trader,
We had enhanced CUE Tools and the latest versions are released today. 
You may download the latest versions of CUE Edge and CUE Vital using your personalized download link. As you were already using these tools, you only need to download the file, and put the CUE Tool in your working folder. No other installation step is required.
CUE Scorecards are web-based and is accessible from the Market Menu on our home page: 
Here are the enhancements:
1) We have added many additional Stocks to the USA as well as in India Stock Scorecards. Now they cover up to 2500 Stocks in both of these Markets. This makes Peer Comparison more effective and a breeze.
2) The Scorecard now can be downloaded as excel and you may do sorting/filter even more easily.
3) We have simplified the Valuation and Growth View in the Vital Panel. 
Now you can find the Valuation Score and recent Yearly and Quarterly Growth % right in the Vital pattern. This makes looking for Value as well as Growth Stocks easier. 
For example, in a few keystrokes, you can find the Stocks that have at least 25% EPS Growth in recent quarters as well as 25% EPS Growth in last 3 years. 
4) Growth % Heat Map color is now based on the following thresholds:

> 25%           green

10 to 25%     dark green

0 to 10%       yellow

0 to -10%      dark yellow

-10 to -25%   dark red

< -25%          red

5) Thomson Reuters resets the % change and few other values before Market Open. That was resulting in those values displaying as zero in the CUE Tools. 
We have now made the % Change value (and few similar values) persistent. They don't lose the value even when Reuters resets the values to zero. 
6) Floating shares and % Float are now added in the Information panel.
All changes have been synchronized between CUE Vital, CUE Edge, and CUE Scorecards.
I hope the enhanced CUE Tools will help you, even more than before, to easily and objectively identify trade and investment opportunities.
Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,

Superior Profit Team.
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