Sagar Nandi
Dear Investor/Trader,

We today released substantially enhanced and yet, simplified, versions of CUE Globa and CUE Elite. You may download the systems either from the download page on our site or using the link that was provided to you in email.

Here are the key enhancements:

These enhancements are common to both CUE Elite and CUE Global.

1) Renamed the chart templates to make it more intuitive like Entry, Stop Level, Volatility, etc. 

2) We have simplified/reduced the chart templates, replacing the pairs like Hop On Advanced and Hop On with a single one. CUE Entry chart template in this case.

3) CUE Elite and CUE Global now have the exact same name of the equivalent chart templates.

4) We have fine-tuned the volatility related indicators, made them a little bit more responsive. CUE Elite and CUE Global now have the exact same Volatility chart indicators, though the look may be different.

5) We had the Pressure calculation in CUE Vital and CUE Edge systems. We have now brought the Extreme Pressure indicator to technical analysis systems. You now have Extreme Pressure indicator as a band in the chart templates. 

6) We have also added Sonar Scans for Extreme Bearish and Bullish Pressures. For CUE Elite, this is available in the scan as well as the radar. In CUE Global, these are provided as new explorers.

7) Sometimes extreme bullish pressure is immediately followed by extreme bearish pressure, resulting in a U-turn. We have included this as a band indicator on the charts.

8) CUE Extreme Pressure U-Turn Bullish and Bearish are available as Sonar scans in both CUE Elite and CUE Global. In CUE Elite, it is available on Radar too.

9) There was a Sonar dashboard (radar) indicator for Reversal. We have now added that as CUE Elite Scans; Bullish and Bearish Reversals. And have added those two scans in CUE Global as well.

10) We have added scans for stocks in Squeeze and stocks showing Squeeze Release in both CUE Elite and Global. Squeeze Release is added to CUE Elite radar too. You may run these stand alone or combine with other scans like those for finding Breakouts, Activity Increasing, etc.

11) Pendulum and Reversal indicators are also added as band-indicators on the charts. You can now instantly see if a stock is at Pendulum (price extreme) High or Low and whether there is one-candle-reversal taking place at those price extremes.

Note that you already had Sonar scans for finding stocks that are at Price (Pendulum) Extreme and Reversing. Now, you can visualize that on every individual stock chart as well with the Pendulum and Reversal band-indicators.

12) Stretch and Stretch Release indicators are added as band-indicators in the charts. You can now see on every chart if a stock is overbought/oversold (stretched) and whether the overbought/oversold condition is going away (Stretch Release).

As the Strech indicators are now provided as a band-indicators on all the key chart templates, we have avoided plotting it on candle charts, thus uncluttering the candle charts even more (e.g. the Entry Non-Trending template). That helps you focus on the price moves more.

13) We have added a new indicator for calculating Swing based on higher high higher low or lower high lower low. This has been added as a band-indicator. It is also added on Sonar dashboard (radar) in CUE Elite.

14) How to know which band-indicator is which one? You will get used to that soon enough. In CUE Elite we have made sure that each band-indicator/pair is visually distinct from each other. 

And, in both CUE Elite and CUE Global, you can select any of the band indicators and right-click on it to see the band-indicator name. They are, from bottom to top:

Squeeze and Squeeze Release: Single indicator. Red means in a squeeze. Yellow means neutral and green means squeeze is released.
Pendulum or Price Extreme and Reversal candles: Pendulum colors as before in Price Extreme/Pendulum chart template. Reversal is green for bullish and red for bearish (as expected!).
Stretch and Stretch Release: colors are as before in the chart indicators.
Pressure Extreme and Pressure U-Turn: Green or cyan for bullish. Red or magenta for bearish.
Swing: Green bullish. Red bearish. Yellow neutral.

These enhancements are specific to CUE Global.

15) Earlier, there was no Squeeze indicator in the CUE Global Volatility (or Options Trading) chart template. Now we have added that with the same calculation as was in CUE Elite. You can now see volatility squeezes and squeeze releases very visually on CUE Global.

16) Expert Advisors have been simplified and streamlined. There is one expert advisor for each of the chart templates.

17) There are now total 50 Sonar Scans in CUE Global. That is going to make your life a lot easier to find the exact trade setup or pattern you are looking for.

18) Indicators have been refined and overall CUE Global performance improved while implementing all the other changes.

These enhancements are specific to CUE Elite.

19) Sometimes, when running CUE Elite on different resolution screens, few indicators like Headwind, Stretch Release, Movement, Volatility Squeeze etc. used to appear either too small or too big. We have now implemented an innovative idea using Global Setting. This is available as an invisible indicator in the CUE Entry chart template. You simply set the width of the indicators once in this indicator. And that will be reflected everywhere in all the chart templates like Backdrop, Entry, Stop Level, Volatility, Entry Intraday etc. 

We have added a new FAQ forum article provides the exact steps of setting the width of these indicators.

Note: While implementing this creative solution, we used a new DLL file GlobalVariable.DLL. Remember to add it to your TradeStation 10.0 program folder for the latest CUE Elite to work properly. This new DLL is provided in the install zip file.

20) The hot-keys for CUE Elite have been simplified. Here is the FAQ forum article with that detail. These hotkeys can be used to quickly change chart or radar templates.

21) We have now simplified the install desktops and workspaces by providing a single CUE Elite desktop and have added all the Elite workspaces in that single desktop. You may copy (right-click, copy) and then paste (right-click, paste) the windows from these CUE Elite workspaces to organize desktops and workspaces the way you want.

22) Make sure that you have the latest Tradestation 10.0 update 783 installed on your computer before installing this latest release of CUE Elite.

Removing older CUE components before installing these major releases.

23) Due to a large number of powerful enhancements, we suggest that you totally remove the older components of CUE Elite and Global before installing the new versions. We have added forum topics with step by step instructions on how to remove older CUE components. Here is the topic for CUE Elite and here is the one for CUE Global.

24) Step by step install instructions for these latest versions are available in these FAQ forum articles for CUE Elite install and CUE Global install steps.

Note: As you are an existing user, you don't need to repeat the steps in those articles that relate to setting the license control systems (like the setting of HWID or TradeStation login id in the license control system).

Note: For CUE Elite install, do remember to put the new GlobalVariable DLL in the Tradestation 10.0 Program folder, as mentioned in the install steps.

25) If you need help with the removal of the older components and/or installing the latest releases, let us know by email ( or through the Contact page).

We are sure you are going to love these enhancements.

That was a long list of key enhancements. Yet, we strive to make the systems easier to use than ever before. That had always been our goal. To provide trading systems that work. Trading systems that are intuitive and easy to use and unambiguous. Be it CUE Elite, Global, Edge or Vital.

Thanks for your support. We value that. 

Best regards.

Superior Profit Team.
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