Sagar Nandi
Dear Investor/Trader,

We have released an enhanced CUE Global for the latest version of Metastock (XV).

NOTE: This update applies to traders who downloaded CUE Global directly from Superior Profit site. Due to the different license control mechanism adopted by Metastock and Superior Profit, this update is NOT for traders who procured CUE Global from Metastock.

If you procured CUE Global from Metastock, then you may make these changes on your system directly based on the list of changes mentioned below. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any query. And we will be happy to help you out on making these changes on your system.

Traders may download the enhanced version from Client Download. And follow the installation instructions as provided here.

Significant changes to this update are listed below:

Visual changes
1) Several CUE indicators have been made more visually prominent like Headwind etc.

Usability changes
2) While Applying CUE Templates or while running CUE Explorers, the most commonly used items appear at the top; thereby speeding up trading decisions. If you want to reorganize the order to your preference, you might simply rename the Templates in you "<Documents>Metastock" folder.

CUE Explorer additions
3) Now several new CUE Explorers have been added to search for particular Backdrop state in Weekly chart. How to use these? Here is one example:

If one is looking for Go With Flow trend following Long instruments, one might run "CUE Backdrop Bullish" first on Weekly periodicity on the list of instruments. And then run "CUE Go With Flow Long" with Daily frequency on the result of the Backdrop explorer. In this way, a trader can quickly and accurately filter instruments based on both Weekly and Daily requirements for Go With Flow setup.

4) Trade finding explorers now match the exact Superior Profit trade setup for each of the Market conditions. These are Go With Flow (trending Market), Headwind (reversing Market), Bounce (exhausting Market) and Box (sideways Market) explorers. You may use these to find only Long, only Short or both directional trades.

Template enhancements
5) We have added additional signals to some of the CUE Templates. For example, we added "Stretch/Release" to CUE Clean Chart. Backdrop Weekly Template now includes Movement signal, Boundary Lines, and Watermark levels; etc.

Note1: While installing the updated setup, if there is a Metastock message prompting you "which Formula Organizer to use?" then choose the one that has the latest alphabet (of X, Y, Z, etc.) in the path.

Note2: To avoid leaving the old CUE components in your system, before you run the Setup file, you may delete the old CUE components from your system as follows:

i) Delete the old CUE Templates from <Documents>/Metastock folder: Delete all files with the name starting with "CUE".
2) Remove all old CUE Explorers: Run Metastock program. Go to "Tools" menu and choose "The Explorer". In the popup dialog's top panel, right click on each of the Explorers with "CUE" prefix one by one and choose "Delete". If the system prompts whether to "Delete Exploration" or "Delete Exploration Reports", chose the first option.

These two steps will make sure that you see only the enhanced CUE components.

We are confident that you will find these changes even more helpful to your day to day trading.

Feel free to contact us with any query you may have.

Happy trading!

Superior Profit
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