Sagar Nandi
Dear Investor/Trader,

Using CUE Edge/Vital you could carry out sector-industry-fundamental analysis and then quickly copy the shortlisted symbols to CUE Charts.

Now, we have made the integration with CUE Charts (CUE Global) even more straightforward. While doing that, we carried out some other major enhancements and some cosmetic upgrades as well. Here are the key changes:

1. CUE Edge (single version for use with all the countries)

1.1. Now, there is a single CUE Edge that can be used for all the countries. You may choose the country from the dropdown and based on your active subscriptions you will be able to analyze sector-industry-stock scorecard for that country. This is of great use to those who were using CUE Edge for multiple countries. You will not have to shift between multiple CUE Edge tools.

2. CUE Edge and Vital (cosmetic changes)

2.1. The status fields have been placed together to make them more easily readable. 

2.2. The binocular icon has been used to move from one level to the next.

2.3. Stock scorecard button is now represented by the ranking-1-2-3 icon.

2.4. In CUE Edge, the refresh icon now refreshes all the tabs so in one click you can refresh the data (usually, you will refresh after one round of analysis is completed and before the next round of analysis is started). 

3. CUE Edge and CUE Vital (opening charts directly DASHBOARD or Stock tabs)

3.1. The DASHBOARD tab now has a selection for Technical Trading System, which can be either CUE Global (for Metastock) or CUE Elite (for Tradestation).

3.1.1. If you choose CUE Global then whenever you click the chart icon, it will open the selected symbols on Metastock. Before opening charts, you may ensure that Metastock is running and Power Console -> Chart is selected along with your preferred chart template. We suggest using the CUE Hop On All Market Conditions - Daily template. You may open multiple symbol charts with a single click. Then, if one of the daily charts looks interesting to you, you may open it with CUE At A Glance template. You may set up the CUE chart templates on Metastock custom menu bar for easy access.

Note: After opening multiple charts in Metastock, you may use Ctrl-Tab to shift through multiple charts one by one.

3.1.2. If you choose CUE Elite as the trading system, then when you click the Chart icon, it will place the ticker symbols in a format that may be pasted in Radar screen. You may use Ctrl V to paste the symbols in Radar or use right click/paste option in Radar. I have set up a workspace with Radar on the left and then followed by weekly Backdrop template chart and then Daily Hop On All Market Conditions chart. This allows me to quickly go through all the symbols after I paste them in the Radar.

4. Remember, that you can double click on any column header in CUE Edge and Vital (for Sector, Industry and Stock tabs) to sort by that column. Double-clicking a second time will reverse the sort order.

You may download the enhanced releases by logging in using the Login menu at our site:

Thanks for your support.

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