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Data processing stock slowing down as its industry is weakening.


Snapshots as of ~1 PM EST.

The stock is medium valued and its recent quarterly earnings growth slowed down. Data processing industry is weakening.

Weekly showing up-down-up-down move. Weekly candle color turned bearish (magenta). Daily displayed 2 bearish headwind signals and four days ago it created a false upside breakout at Watermark resistance in the daily chart. Today price is falling below Memory support line in daily. 

Another daily Memory support is nearby around 25 price level. One may be watchful of that support. If that support is broken, long holders may be cautious. And short traders may look for a low-risk short opportunity.

FDC chart 2018-09-21_12-41-13.jpg  FDC EDGE 2018-09-21_12-28-44.jpg  FDC vital 2018-09-21_12-43-51.jpg 
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Superior Profit
FDC followup as of ~10 AM EST on 26th Sep.

Did the analysis above of five days ago (21st Sep) interest you? Did you take a bearish trade or at least protect profit in any long position you might have?

Here is FDC as of now. A monthly Put option taken based on the analysis above has more than 66% profit in 3 trading days (5 calendar days).

FDC AAG 2018-09-26_9-59-34.jpg 
FDC pnl 2018-09-26_10-00-55.jpg 
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