CUE Global was developed on the most versatile and powerful latest version of Metastock.

That is: Metastock XIV at this time (May, 2016).

We plan to continue to use the power of subsequent Metastock versions to get the best CUE Global Add On experience for our traders and investors.

This makes CUE Global available on Metastock XIV and later versions and it is not supported on earlier versions of Metastock.

Trying to install CUE Global on earlier versions may lead to error message: 

"No importable files exit in the source folder"

Note that this is not a special case for CUE Global Add On on Metastock.

In general, as a practice, for new Add Ons, Metastock does not provide backward compatibility.

And if an Add On is compatible with earlier versions of Metastock, most likely it was developed some time; may be years; ago, on older versions of Metastock and might not harness full power of Metastock latest versions even if that was applicable to the Add On.
Metastock publishes its compatibility of Add Ons in its FAQ page here. You may look for the article: "Which versions of MetaStock do the MetaStock Add-Ons work on?".

If you would like to use CUE Global and have an earlier version of Metastock than XIV, you may contact Metastock at Metastock support page here to upgrade Metastock version.

Superior Profit Team.
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