Superior Profit
I shared an analysis of IBM today and explained why CUE Traders would not take a long position though Technically it may be giving a trade setup.

Here is another Stock I found from Sonar Real-Time today. This is a Stock that meets all the criteria of a valid CUE 360° trade setup as of 10:30 AM EST. That is, it has Fundamentals, Technicals and Industry Rotation in favor of the trade.

Technical Signals confirm at end of the day. Those using CUE Real Time Fine Tune chart are able to enter the trade using real-time Sonar early in the day and continue to hold it if the signal remains confirmed at the end of the day.

Consumer Staples Sector Industries Scorecard and Heatmap (Real Time using CUE Edge). Soft Drinks was weak and is now Strengthening. This is the strongest Industry in Consumer Staples.

Consumer Staples Sector Industries.jpg 
Pepsi has excellent valuation (found from real-time CUE Vital).

PEP Vital Statistics.jpg 
Pepsi has formed a False Downside Breakout in Weekly.

CUE Headwind Reversal Signal in Daily caught the very bottom of the Stock.

As of Monday Morning 21st May, PEP is Bullish with cyan color Candle in Daily. It came up from Trendline (Memory) Support after the Bullish Headwind Reversal Signal.

PEP At A Glance.jpg 
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