Sagar Nandi
Dear Graduates Club Trader/Investor,

In trading, we learn from other's successful trades as much as from their mistakes.

And we find out more from our errors in trading than from our successful trades - albeit, only if someone is friendly enough to point it out in a non-threatening and timely manner.

That was and is the thought of setting up the Graduates Club and inviting you to it as a valued member.

We are going to roll out some changes effective immediately to benefit you even more by making Graduates Club a club for active traders who like to help others and themselves while trading profitably.

1. Superior Profit in-house traders (including Sagar) will be posting his live Trade-Ideas ONLY in Graduates Club. That way, Graduates Club members will have an additional motivation (we hope!) to remain in Graduates Club.

Once the trades play out their course (i.e. hit profit or Stop), the trades would be "moved" to public "Trade-Idea" Category. 

In this way, public, in general, will continue to benefit from an understanding of how Sagar is entering and exiting trades.

2. Graduates Club will be converted to a "Paid" membership forum for public, in general (for example, those, who are not yet using CUE System but would like to look at the trades posted in the club could become a paid member). 

3. Those who are invited to Graduates Club (it may be you!), will have access to this paid forum without any fee for an initial period of one month.

All we need from you for continued complimentary membership to the club is to share at least ONE Trade-Idea each week in the Graduates Club - using CUE Charts Only and combining Superior Profit Way of aligning Market/Sector/Industry if you could. 

I recognize that we all may have some periods when we are busy in life with things more important than trading. It happens to me too sometimes.

If for some reason you are temporarily not able to share trade ideas (maybe you are in a distant beautiful island without any Internet connection!), just put a note in the forum "Graduates Meeting Place" for that week. That way your access to the club will not be affected. This forum has been setup to share your personal information with others - should you want to do that. So you/we get to know each other more.

In the event you are not able to share even one trade idea or not notifying of temporary absence by putting a note in Graduates Meeting Place, your Graduates Club complimentary membership will expire at the end of the month. 

If you lose complimentary membership of Graduates Club, you could join it as a Paid member.

However, instead, we hope you will just write to us when you are ready to be active CUE member in the club, and we will reinstate you in the club gladly once again.

We value you as a serious and disciplined trader and a friend of Superior Profit; Above all [smile]

We hope this will benefit you as well as other Graduate Club traders as everyone shares their trade ideas with each other.

Thanks again for your support.

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