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Catching the bottom of this stock worked out beautifully.

WFT is up by 25%.

I had shared the analysis of WFT in Twitter/Facebook pages of Superior Profit yesterday with this following text and snapshot:

---------------- Posted in Superior Profit Twitter and Facebook pages on 27th Dec ----------------------------------------

Will you buy a stock that is down 90%+ in last 12 months. But up 29% today?

WFT: up by 29% today. Over the last 12 months, it was down by more than 90%.

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Today, the stock is up by 25% as of 11 AM EST - below is the daily-Hop On and 10 Min Fine Tune CUE charts of WFT.

WFT daily fine tune 2018-12-28_11-01-28.jpg 

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Superior Profit
Further update on the WFT trade idea. WFT long had given 81% profit in two days using a long stock position.

wft update 2019-01-14_6-55-12.jpg 
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