Note: This scenario is not applicable if you acquired CUE Global from Metastock as Metastock uses a different protocol for Access Control.

Note: This scenario is not applicable if you acquired CUE Elite Long Term (99 Years) license from Superior Profit. In that case, your CUE Elite operation does not depend on Cloud Server Validation. And you should not be affected.

For other subscription-based CUE Systems subscribers, Access Control System is housed in a cloud-based server.

If the Access Control System is down for some reason and you cannot see CUE charts or cannot run CUE Sonar etc. or cannot see CUE Vital or CUE Edge data, you may follow the steps below to apply the interim fix.

1) Download the attached compressed (.Zip) file and unzip the file. 
Note: The patches are provided only if there is a known/reported issue on accessing CUE Systems. If there is no attached file that is because there is no reported/known issue with CUE Access Control at this time.

2) Run the respective file for your CUE System and confirm to overwrite any file at the prompt. 


Extract the Excel and place it in your working directory.
That would make the CUE System accessible again instantly to you.

If you need help to install the fix, feel free to contact us at You may alternatively Phone/Fax/Email/Leave a Note to us through the contact details listed in Contact Us page.

Thanks for your support.

Superior Profit Team.

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