Dear Investor/Trader,

We have released an enhanced version of CUE Elite.

You may download and install it following the instructions in our FAQ forum, or use the instructions sent to you by email.

Below are some of the key enhancements in this release.

1. New Sonars Scans to identify Breakout Up and Down.

With these additions, we now have thirty Sonars Scans in CUE Elite.

CUE Elite Scans.jpg 

The two Breakout Sonars are our latest additions to the Sonar family. They look for Stocks that are breaking out of Memory Resistance with higher Activity.

These are not meant to be Trading Setups like Go With Flow, Box, Bounce, and Headwind. Why? Because breakouts often are too late to enter a Swing Trade, the Stop being far away.

Still, sometimes breakouts may result in narrow Stop entry. And you may keep an eye for that.

Additionally, after a breakout, a Stock will either continue to move in breakout direction or reverse. Both may give low-risk CUE Trade Setups. Therefore, after perusing the Stocks filtered by breakout Sonar, you may create a watchlist of Stocks and look for CUE Trade Set-Ups in next few days or weeks.

Thirdly, if the breakout happens in the morning session and the Stock continues to move in breakout direction, using CUE Fine Tune Real-Time chart you may be able to take low-risk precise entry day trade or swing trade. We had discussed this trade entry technique during some of our past Weekly Market Roundups. MRK also gave such an entry opportunity recently.

Through our blogs, we had shared recent examples of trades that you could enter after a breakout. You may check those out here.

2. Fine Tuned Box Sonars.

Box Sonars have been adjusted to take care of adjustment in Watermark Indicator.

In our forum, we had shared recent Box Setup example in the Stock BTI, etc. that we found using this Sonar.

3. We have fine-tuned Watermark indicator (in Clean Chart Template).

This fine tuning makes Watermark indicator uniform across all CUE Charts on multiple platforms.

We have colored Watermark Low with a darker shade and Watermark High with a lighter shade to know which one is which instantly.

AXP Clean Chart.jpg 

4. Boundary Lines and Options Boundary Lines are now smoother (in Hop On Template and Option Template respectively).

This smoothing was done to make it easier on the eyes. There is no change in the use of Boundary Lines. Here is Facebook using the latest Hop On and Option Trading Template. Incidentally, we had shared our view on Facebook in a forum post a few days ago. You may also find that from our social network pages, twitter page, for example.

FB Hop On.jpg 
FB Option Trading.jpg 

5. The Wide Screen At A Glance Workspace is now part of the install.

We had shared it earlier via email with some traders. Now we have added it as part of the install. It opens many charts with different CUE Templates so that you have a complete view of the Stock on one screen. As there are many charts in this template, it is to be used on a larger monitor. Alternatively, you may open a Stock with this workspace, then maximize the first chart, peruse that and move to the next ones using Alt-Tab. That works very well as well.

6. CUE Chart Templates organized in a visually cleaner way.

This organization is cosmetic and for better efficiency (we are continually looking to cut a few seconds from our workflow). To put all the indicators that one needs in a task-specific template (Hop On, Hop Off, etc.), and only the ones that are essential.

7. CUE Sonar Dashboard (Radar) enhancements.

We have added additional signals to the dashboard for identifying breakouts in real-time and also for seeing which stocks are at or beyond Boundary lines.

Note that the Radar columns for Breakout (as well as that for Box and Bounce) do not check for Activity, so that you may look for potential Breakouts early in the day (Activity is high or not is usually not known until later part of a trading day). Still, one may wait for a time near market close to have a trading setup/signal based on these columns.

CUE Elite Radar.jpg 

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