Superior Profit
Airlines bearish stock.


When studying worst performing growth stocks of today, I noticed SKYW in that list, an airline. That made me curious to check out the airlines industry.
From CUE Edge I saw instantly it is weak/has been weak (magenta).

Drilling down into stocks, I found several with slowing earnings growth (boxed) and few of them had medium valuation (yellow under Valuation column).

AAL is nicely breaking below Memory support and is giving a magenta candle today (which is a signal day for trend following short).

Weak industry. Weak fundamentals (negative latest quarterly earnings growth). Weak chart (breaking below memory trendline with low-risk entry point). That is the 360 trade I wait for.

AAL CHART 2018-12-13_14-45-14.jpg  AAL EDGE 2018-12-13_14-41-48.jpg  AAL VITAL 2018-12-13_14-42-51.jpg 
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Superior Profit
AAL short idea was shared at point 1. Today, 25th Dec as of 11 AM EST, at point 2, it has covered more than risk distance, that is, initial profit target has been reached.

A short trade taken using Put options has given more than 100% profit by now.

AAL Initial Target 2018-12-26_11-04-14.jpg 
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Superior Profit
The Put that has given more than 100% profit is AAL 19th Jan 2018 Put 33. 

It could be purchased at 1.53 when the idea was first shared. Today it has reached 3.45 (at bid). That is more than 100% profit.

You could book profit enough lots to get your investment money back and try to let profit run on house money.
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