"4th of July Group of 4" special offer: Free CUE systems (all of them!) for one year.

Dear Investor/Trader,

4th of July is upon us and here is a very special offer to celebrate the occasion with your friends and family of traders and investors.

Note: This offer is only valid when you acquire the CUE systems from our site following the links below (i.e. it does not apply to CUE systems purchased through other channels or dealers).

1) If you are not a current subscriber of CUE systems, you may form a group of at least four traders. Let all of them subscribe to the 1-month-free-trial from our store page:

1.1) There is no upper limit to the number of people in the group. We only require at least four people to be in each group.

1.2) Inform us from any one of the group of traders, the name and email id of all the people who signed up for the "4th of July group of 4" special offer.

Please remember to specify the exact emails used by the people to sign up for the offer. 

1.2) We will extend the CUE systems free for one year (until 30th June 2020) and email to everyone in the group.

1.3) Once you receive the confirmation email (which should be in a few days), you may cancel auto-payment from PayPal so that there is no auto-deduction for the next month's subscription.

2. If you are already a CUE subscriber, you may offer this to your friends and family of traders. All you need is for them (at least three, so that there is a group of at least four traders) to follow the same steps as above.

3. This offer is not limited to any particular CUE product. It is applicable to all the systems.

4. It does not include the underlying Tradestation or Metastock platforms in case you don't have that already. If you need the Metastock (or Xenith), you may get them from this link.

5. This offer is valid until the 30th of July, 2019. 

Have a great 4th of July.

And trade profitably!

Superior Profit Team.
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