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360° analysis of Autodesk


One of my Exec MBA classmates (from National University of Singapore - I had a good time there with my classmates) asked for an analysis of ADSK. Here is the CUE 360 analysis covering technical charts, industry and fundamental and peer analysis.

All the snapshots are taken before the market open on Monday 11th Feb 2019. Numbering in the text below follows the marking on the pictures.

CUE Technical Analysis

Weekly Backdrop chart template.

1) Going up in a straight line without a pullback. That does not give a low-risk buying opportunity for swing or short-term trading.

Daily Entry chart template.

2) Daily is also going up strongly.

3) Daily is above the Upper Boundary. That is an overbought area.

4) The overbought condition is also shown by the green Stretch band.

CUE Vital Fundamental and Peer Analysis

5) The technically overbought condition does not mean that a stock is fundamentally overvalued. That is the case for ADSK. It is a value stock, shown by the cyan score in the CUE Vital Valuation score.

6) It has high and improving recent quarterly earnings growth.

7) Revenue is also growing in lat three quarters.

8) Next earnings is due on 28th Feb. That is still enough distance away to allow a swing trade.

CUE Edge Industry Rotation Analysis

9) ADSK's industry, Application Software, is one of the strongest industries at present, shown by cyan score over the last five days (and it has been strong for a while).

CUE 360° analysis outcome

Fundamentally, ADSK is a very strong stock with great valuation plus robust earnings and revenue growth. Technically, it is overbought. The best time to buy it would be a few days ago (4th Jan gave a Go With Flow trend following long trade setup on the CUE daily chart). In the CUE technique, we don't chase stocks. ADSK is strong fundamentally and its industry is also very strong. but we would wait for a low-risk entry opportunity.

ADSK Chart 2019-02-11_9-15-25.png  ADSK Vital 2019-02-11_9-13-40.png  ADSK Edge 2019-02-11_9-16-31.png  
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