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OFFER OCCASION: Metastock APAC Online Summit 10th/11th Mar 1017
OFFER DATE: 10th Mar 2017.
Free CUE Global Add-On for Metastock XV for 1 Month.
Plus 6+ hours of Interactive Webinar Training on Superior Profit Way to master the system.
If you attend all the Training sessions, we shall give the CUE Add On free for one more month for you to continue using it after you have mastered it.

Thanks for your interest in CUE Global Add-On for Metastock.

Attached ".zip" file contains the install ".EXE" file for setting up CUE Global on your computer. Only run it on the computer where Metastock XV is available. You will be asked to enter a password while running the ".EXE". This password has been provided in a separate mail to all the offer opt-in traders.

If you have not received this password in email, you may contact us by emailing at And we will be happy to send you the password at the earliest.

The attached ".EXE" will install full functionality of CUE Global that may be used for Long Term Investing, Swing Trading as well as Day Trading using multiple instruments (Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, etc.).

You may contact us through Support forum should you have an issue with this particular offer-install.

For learning more about CUE Global and Superior Profit Way, we have put together videos, books, blogs, etc. that you may access from Education Center.

We have weekly live webinars - you may observe CUE System in action on the live market by attending these webinars by registering here.

Superior Profit Traders Community is a community where traders share trade ideas with each other. You may follow these at our Traders Community.

This topic is regarding the APACONLINE1 offer. There are other active special offers from time to time. And some of them may interest you. You may visit these offers at Special Offer page.

Feel free to contact us anytime through the means (phone, fax, email, etc.) listed on the Contact page.

Trade Profitably!

Superior Profit Team.
NOTE: Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that you read and consent to Superior Profit User Agreement, Privacy Statement, and Site Disclaimer.

Proceeding with the installation of CUE Global System means you have read and consented to the above information.
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